Tuition Adjustment

Tuition Adjustment is offered to qualified families. We use FACTS Grant Aid Assessment to help evaluate financial need. The results of the FACTS assessment, the attached Madison Waldorf School Tuition Adjustment Form, along with any factors that you think are important will be used in determining tuition adjustment figures.


·       Complete the FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment on-line at by March 1, 2015.

·       Complete the Madison Waldorf School Tuition Adjustment Forms, Confidentiality Agreement, Personal Letter, Financial Questionnaire, and return to the MWS office by March 1, 2015.

·       The FACTS assessment asks for submission of a copy of your 2014 Tax Return, or 2014 W-2s and 2013 Tax Return.

·       The Tuition Adjustment Committee will meet with each family to ask any additional questions and to share preliminary award numbers.

·       Final award letters will be sent out in May.

The Tuition Adjustment process is held in strict confidence and with deep respect for privacy.  All Tuition Adjustment awards are considered confidential agreements.  We ask the same of our Tuition Adjustment families.  Please do not share or publish your Tuition Adjustment, in general or in detail, with your peers.

New families are encouraged to start the tuition adjustment process as soon as they have a teacher conference date.

Tuition Adjustment

For Children Entering an Early Childhood (EC) Education Program

We are able to offer limited tuition adjustment to children enrolled in the full day early childhood programs.

For Children Entering the Grades

If a family is unable to meet our tuition guidelines, parents are required to complete a Grant & Aid Assessment application with FACTS. MWS requires that separated or divorced parents requesting tuition adjustment each complete a Grant and Aid application. Once completed applications are received, The Tuition Adjustment committee will review the application and send out a letter.

Download the following documents and return the completed forms to the main office.

Enrollment Process or Re-enrollment Application

Tuition Adjustment Forms

Tuition Brochure


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