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The mission of the Madison Waldorf School Parent Teacher Community Council, or PTCC, is to facilitate communication and participation within the school community, and to provide support for the families of the community as well as for the work of the Faculty, Administration, and Board of Trustees. The PTCC is co-chaired by one teacher and one parent who are selected by the consensus of the faculty and members of the PTCC, respectively.  The parent co-chair is also a de facto member of the Board of Trustees. The PTCC also includes one or two parent representatives from each classroom, determined by mutual agreement between interested parents and the classroom teacher, and the chairs of the Hospitality and Festivals committees. The final mandated member of the PTCC is the school Administrator, however, other interested individuals are welcome to join.  The council meets a minimum of four times annually with the first meeting occurring at the beginning of the school year (ideally within the first two weeks) and then once in the fall, winter and spring.

Parent Classroom Representatives

One or two parents from each classroom serve as parent representatives.  The primary responsibilities of parent representatives include coordinating efforts of families to meet the needs of individual classrooms as expressed by the teacher, facilitating interaction among the families of the class outside of school to foster a sense of community, and sharing information passed along by the PTCC chairs.

Parent representatives meet with the respective faculty member on a regular basis to hear what the needs of the classroom are and to share thoughts that have been expressed by the families of those classrooms.  As members of the PTCC, parent representatives are also expected to attend PTCC meetings, to inform the council co-chairs of events happening in their classrooms, and to offer support, and help where needed, to other parent representatives.

Community Outreach & Education and Festival Committees

The Community Outreach & Education Committee’s primary responsibilities include welcoming new families to the Madison Waldorf Community, providing support for the schools spring Open Houses, and organizing and coordinating the Community Education Series. Members of the Community Outreach & Education Committee meet on as needed basis, communicating with one another primarily by phone and email.  Only the chair of this committee is a de facto member of the PTCC.

The Festival Committee is primarily responsible for organizing and coordinating the Halloween, Winter, and May Festivals.  In addition the Festival Committee works with the faculty to provide support for other events such as Michelmas and the Winter Spiral.  Members of the Festival Committee meet on an as needed basis, communicating with one another primarily by phone and email. Only the chair of this committee is a de facto member of the PTCC.

PTCC Co-chairs

The role of the co-chairs is primarily to facilitate communication among members of the PTCC, and between the PTCC and the Faculty, Administration, Board of Trustees and the community.