Volunteering at  Madison Waldorf School

Like all Waldorf communities, the Madison Waldorf School relies heavily on the volunteer efforts of families, faculty, and staff to do much of the work of the school.  This is expressed eloquently by Robert Schiappacasse in his l995 lecture on Building A Waldorf Community when he states that “Waldorf schools are communities characterized by parents and teachers united together on behalf of their children – with each person contributing their time, energy, creativity and resources to meet the needs of the entire community.”  Volunteering provides families a means of not only serving the school, but also an opportunity to get to know better the faculty and staff, students, and other parents.

The body overseeing and coordinating much of the volunteer effort at the Madison Waldorf School is the Parent Teacher Community Council (PTCC). Defined as the legs of the school, the PTCC facilitates communication with the parent body and the larger school community, and is responsible for the functional life of the school apart from the pedagogy, finances, administration and legal issues.  The PTCC meets at least four times annually, the first meeting occurring within two weeks of the beginning of the new school year and then once in the fall, winter, and spring.

If you are interested in volunteering at MWS, please fill out the MWS Volunteer Form and drop it off at the school office, or send it to us at 6510 Schroeder Road, Madison, WI, 53711.



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