2014-15 Eurythmy for Adults Schedule


Ecco Homo
In the heart — the loom of Feeling
In the head — the light of Thinking
In the limbs — the strength of Will
Weaving of radiant Light
Strength of the Weaving
Light of the surging Strength.
Lo, this is Man!
-Rudolf Steiner, 1923

Explore Thinking Feeling Will Forces through Eurythmy Eurythmy for Adults

All Sessions held at Madison Waldorf School Movement Room
Saturdays, 9am-10:00am

November 22, 2014
January 24, 2015
February 28, 2015
March 7, 2015
April 18, 2015

Professionally trained eurythmist Lynn Stull leads eurythmy workshops for interested adults at the Madison Waldorf School, focusing specifically on the underlying question, “How do we strengthen our thinking, feeling, will forces?”

Artistically we will work with Rudolf Steiner’s Ecco Homo verse. Additionally participants will experience specific Zodiac gestures, poetic rhythms, and rod exercises that help one to enter into a relationship with these three qualities.

What we will provide: eurythmy shoes (most sizes), eurythmy copper rods, spheres No eurythmy experience needed! Just come and have fun!

No experience necessary, beginners welcome.

Cost: $15 one class, 5 classes for $50, drop-ins are welcome. No one will be excluded due to financial reasons. Space is limited – please register in advance to reserve a spot by calling our office at (608) 270-9005.

Contact Lynn Stull at Lynn@arts2thrive.com


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