Join us for Michaelmas tomorrow!

We invite parents, grandparents and caregivers to join us for a Michaelmas celebration on Tuesday, September 27th at 2:30 Our Dragon Play, featuring a noble Saint George, will take place on the hill behind the school. This year, the ferocious dragon will be accompanied by 5th/6th Grade African drumming. Refeshments will be provided after the play.

A friendly reminder: children will be dismissed to their parents when the play concludes.

What is Michaelmas?
The celebration of Michaelmas at the Madison Waldorf School and at many Waldorf schools world-wide commemorates the archangel Michael, and the archetype Michael represents. Stories and images that have arisen out of many cultures and traditions contribute to the richness of this classic autumn festival. Historical and mythological perspectives come from the Old Testament, the Book of Revelations, ancient Oriental writings, the Bhagavad-Gita, Greek Mythology, as well as stories of the English St. George and the American legend of John Henry, to name a few.  A central images which arises when we celebrate Michaelmas is how the spirit of man is called by the Archangel Michael to act in freedom and with moral courage.  This imagination presents a couple of different qualities:  the courageous warrior with his fiery sword held high, subduing the dragon underfoot, and the contemplative spirit holding a balance. Michael gives us strength and courage to struggle with the dragons in our lives, those within ourselves and in the world around us. On the other hand, Michaelmas is celebrated very near the midpoint between the Summer and Winter Solstices, the balance point of daylight and darkness in the year.  At the height of the harvest season, as the fruits of nature have ripened, the days grow shorter and the plant world seems to die, we gather together as a community.  In celebration, we seek strength to kindle our inner fire and the “iron will” to transform ourselves and our communities through our own brave and heart-felt deeds. We express gratefulness for the harvest, and the fruits and gifts that we bring to one another, as children and as adults. We rededicate ourselves to finding balance and clarity of thought as we strive for new beginnings.

We hope to see you at this celebration!




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