Meet the newest faculty hires!

The faculty of The Madison Waldorf School is pleased to announce the hiring of our Grade 5/6, Grade 4, and Grade 3 teachers for the 2011-2012 school year.

Mr. Mark Lajiness has been selected and accepted the position as Grade 5/6 instructor. Mark brings strengths of an experienced Waldorf teacher to the classroom and to the faculty.  His lessons to the class when he interviewed for the position were received by the students with excitement and interest.  Mark has already connected with several members of the MWS community, and is committed to teaching the upper grades curriculum in a manner that will serve the children through 8th grade.  Mark has sixteen years of teaching experience which includes teaching 10 years in the Waldorf upper grades.  He will be moving to Madison this summer, and looks forward to getting to know the 5th and 6th grade families better.

Ms. Esperanza Lantro is the new Grade 4 teacher.  Some of you may already have had the opportunity to meet her during her visit this spring.  She comes to us from the Pleasant Ridge Waldorf School, where she has been the Spanish specialty teacher for the last two years.  Ms. Lantro has twenty years of experience and involvement with Waldorf education, and we gratefully welcome her talents and commitment to our school.

Lastly, Ms. Elizabeth Arth has been selected and accepted the position of Grade 3 teacher for the 2011-2012 school year. She is very well known in our community as a founding board member, as our handwork teacher and our administrator. She has also substituted in all the grades in recent years, particularly in the grade 4/5 classroom, working closely with Jacqueline Beecher. In these capacities we have seen her enthusiasm, skill and devotion to our children.  It has been her desire to pursue teaching a grades class and we welcome her in this new capacity.

Our hiring committee put a lot of work into searching and selecting these three outstanding new faculty members, please join us in welcoming them to our community.


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