“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” -W.B. Yeats

Our mission is to provide education that “honors every child’s enthusiasm for initiative, creativity and social responsibility.”  We are part of a rapidly growing international community of over 1,000 Waldorf schools around the world with whom we share a pedagogical philosophy, instructional methodology, and core curriculum. The Waldorf educational philosophy nurtures the whole human. Our curriculum integrates arts and movement with an intellectually rigorous academic education to foster artistic expression, critical thinking, problem solving, athletic judgment, and sound intellectual reasoning.

Waldorf graduates are creative and ethically aware young people intellectually prepared for the most demanding colleges, and eager to engage with the world around them. Waldorf pedagogy fosters healthy emotional development by conveying knowledge experientially as well as academically. The belief that education is an uplifting process is central to the Waldorf philosophy.