Middle School

The Waldorf middle school curriculum engages students in the scientific process of exploration, logical reasoning in conceptual mathematics, and the study of codified systems of governance.  The visual and performing arts are integrated into daily classroom work.

Grade 6 curriculum includes history of western civilization from Rome through the Middle Ages, the rise of Islam, Medieval history and culture, geography of South America and Europe, mineralogy, physics (acoustics, magnetism, optics and heat), botany, astronomy, composition, grammar, spelling, biographies, geometric drawing and business math.

Grade 7 curriculum covers history through biographies (1400-1700), the Age of Exploration, the Renaissance and Reformation, African Geography, physics (mechanics), physiology, astronomy, inorganic chemistry, poetry composition, grammar, spelling, literature, mathematics, and perspective drawing.

Grade 8 curriculum covers modern history, civics, world literature, reading and writing short stories, world economic geography, physics (density and weight), organic chemistry, physiology and mathematics.

Middle school students at Madison Waldorf School study either Spanish or German.