Annual Giving

“There is no task of greater importance than to give our children the very best preparation for the demands of an ominous future, a preparation that aims at the methodical cultivation of their spiritual and their moral gifts. As long as the exemplary work of the Waldorf School movement continues to spread its influence as it has done over the past decades, we can all look forward with hope.”
– BRUNO WALTER, Composer and Conductor

Our Madison Waldorf School 2015-2020 Strategic Plan involves the growth of our Early Childhood offerings, thereby nurturing enrollment in our early Grades and Middle School. It also supports a healthy faculty and staff compensation and benefits package, allowing us to recruit and retain highly qualified staff. Our vision is that through fiscally responsible growth, we will continue to offer the wonders of a Waldorf education to a growing, diverse community of students. 

The Survey of Waldorf Graduates indicates that Waldorf Education fosters the following in its graduates:

  • Multiple intelligences and cross-disciplinary learners
  • Global consciousness and environmental stewardship
  • A basis for moral navigation and high levels of emotional intelligence
  • Creative problem-solving

We share great optimism about MWS’ growth potential and are eager to chart its course for the future. To do so, we need your help. Your gift to the MWS Annual Giving campaign is vital to fulfilling our mission and plays a critical role in providing for the financial well-being of the school. Your involvement helps:

  • Recruit and retain Waldorf-educated, highly qualified faculty to teach a classical curriculum, inspired by nature and rich in movement, the arts, and languages, which fosters every child’s spiritual and moral growth.
  • Support our essential Tuition Adjustment process that attracts families dedicated to the Waldorf movement, regardless of their financial means, and creates a more diverse and rich community for us all.
  • Upgrade and purchase equipment and materials that support learning, as well as expand our offering of Waldorf specialty subjects, including Eurythmy, Handwork, Woodwork, and Foreign Languages.
  • Create an environment where innovation and critical thinking is fostered – both now and in the future.

The generosity of alumni, parents, extended family, and friends has been the life-blood of our Madison Waldorf School. We are grateful for gifts of any amount. MWS is recognized by the IRS as a non-profit charitable organization with 501(c)(3) status. 

Thank you for your consideration and for everything you do to preserve and enhance MWS’ mission to provide an education that honors every child’s enthusiasm for initiative, creativity, and social responsibility.