Annual Giving

You may use our CrowdRise link on our Facebook page to contribute to Madison Waldorf School’s Annual Fund: .  Thank you!

 Dear Madison Waldorf School families and friends,

On the first day of school, a beautiful late summer day, Madison Waldorf School teachers, grade school students, and many family members came together to welcome the youngest of our grade school students during the traditional rose ceremony. The rose is presented because it is a complex and beautiful flower that evokes passion and emotion.It is a promise of the growth and development that lies ahead for these young students.

Madison Waldorf School is also in an exciting phase of growth and development.

Together, the 25 first and second graders who received their roses make up the largest class in the history of Madison Waldorf School. They are part of our largest student cohort ever, 109 students. Our community is expanding, as we welcomed 26 new families and a number of new staff members to our school this year.

You are receiving this letter because you are part of this Madison Waldorf School community. We are reaching out to current families, grandparents, alumni, and other friends of our school and requesting your financial support through our annual giving campaign. The future at Madison Waldorf School is exciting, and we need your donation to achieve our educational goals.

Over the past three years, we have provided $1,553,675 in tuition assistance so that Madison Waldorf School is accessible to any family who is committed to a Waldorf education for their children.

This financial assistance to families has expanded the economic diversity found within our community. And this is making our school stronger. It creates a broader community of families, and each and every family contributes to the wealth of love and support that enriches daily life at our school.

We continue to be efficient and effective with our spending – our total cost per student remains around 25% lower than public schools. At the same time, we continue to strengthen and expand our programming, which includes, in addition to the core ‘morning lesson’ curriculum, handwork, woodworking, German and Spanish language classes, art, music, class plays, movement classes, and more.

As is common with private schools, each year our tuition revenue covers only about 80% of the cost of running the school. In contrast to some private schools, we do not yet have an endowment to tap for completing our operating budget.

We rely on your contributions to meet our operating budget. Operational expenses include faculty salaries, building rent, and classroom supplies. Your contribution also helps shape future initiatives to build program quality, invest in our teachers, and improve our grounds. In addition, our school has new and additional needs stemming from our robust enrollment.

Your support empowers our school to fulfill its mission to “provide education that honors every child’s enthusiasm for initiative, creativity and social responsibility.”

This year, we are using an online application to manage donations. This online fundraising platform allows the Madison Waldorf School community to share our fundraising goals with others. Please consider taking these three actions:

  • Donate. Your donation directly impacts Madison Waldorf School students and is greatly appreciated. We receive donations between $20 and $20,000, and donations of any size make a difference. You can return the enclosed pledge card to the office or visit to donate online.
  • Share. You can share the fundraising link and invite people in your life who would consider supporting Madison Waldorf School and our values.
  • Connect. You may know community groups, businesses, or individuals who want to be directly involved in the Madison Waldorf School community. As our community grows, these connections can have a huge impact. If someone comes to mind, simply note that on the enclosed pledge card or let our administrator Ginny Buhr ( know, and we will work with you on the best way to make this connection.

Exciting news!This year, members of the Madison Waldorf School Board of Trustees have pledged a matching donation. For every $2  you donate, the Board of Trustees will contribute $1 to the annual giving campaign, up to $13,000. This will increase the impact of your donation and help the school meet its financial goals. To be included in the match, pledges need to be received by February 1, 2019.

Your contribution helps lay the groundwork for the coming years. It ensures that children continue to have nurturing environments and inspiring education, and that students become more creative and ethically aware young people. This is an investment that reaps multiple returns and makes our community a better place.

We appreciate your support.


Kevin Smith, Board of Trustee President

Use our CrowdRise link to contribute:

Thank you!