Halloween Walk

4c8ea01d-829d-4d04-a7a8-9577ad3fa121 478e4c6c-2e4e-4098-9a0c-a5f6d5476641 8cfc389b-2229-443e-af48-cfcbfb8b020dThis magical celebration is for Playgroup, Early Childhood children and their families. Children do not dress in costume, but walk an enchanted, wooded path and encounter such costumed fairy tale characters as King Winter, the Giant, the Baker, Mother Earth, Lady Autumn and others. Warm cider is provided at the end of the walk. Owls sometimes appear on the treetops as night falls, to the great awe and delight of children and parents alike.

 It is our school community (plus the owl that we hope will visit again) that makes the Halloween Walk such a magical time.