Tuition Adjustment Process

Madison Waldorf School offers need-based Tuition Adjustment to families who qualify. Any family with a grade school child or any family with at least one early childhood student enrolled 4 or 5 full days may apply for tuition adjustment.

We use FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment to help evaluate financial need. We are unable to offer a tuition adjustment or even an estimate of what your adjusted tuition will be without completion of the Tuition Adjustment Process, outlined below:


  • Submit application for admission (new students) or re-enrollment paperwork (returning families).
  • Complete the FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment online at For families in which the parents are divorced, separated, unmarried, or who otherwise file their taxes separately, both parents are required to complete the FACTS application.
  • Deadline for tuition adjustment applications from returning families to retain child’s place in class: March 15, 2019.¬†
  • New families are encouraged to submit their FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment¬†as soon as they have submitted their application for admission.
  • When applying for tuition adjustment for the 2019-2020 school year: The FACTS assessment requires submission of a copy of your 2018 Tax Return and 2018 W2 forms. ! It is important to file your family tax returns prior to completing your FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment.
  • When applying for tuition adjustment for the 2018-2019 school year: The FACTS assessment requires submission of a copy of your 2017 Tax Return and 2017 W2 forms.
  • After receiving your assessment from FACTS, the Tuition Adjustment Committee meets with each new family to ask and answer any additional questions and share preliminary award numbers.
  • Families awarded Tuition Adjustment must return contract within 10 days of issue to guarantee their child’s place in class.

The Tuition Adjustment process is held in strict confidence and with deep respect for privacy. All Tuition Adjustment awards are considered confidential agreements. We ask the same of our Tuition Adjustment families. Please do not share or publish your Tuition Adjustment, in general or in detail, with your peers.

Please call our administrative team at 608-270-9005 with any questions about the Tuition Adjustment process.