We are all part of Parent Circle

Madison Waldorf School is a mirror of who we are as nurturing adults to this school and its children, your children. Volunteering is the lifeblood of our community.. and it is fun! Every Madison Waldorf School parent is a member of the Parent Circle, and we encourage you to actively participate in its work.

Below are some examples of MWS Volunteer work:

Ambassadors: These parent volunteers support the work of the Admission Office by volunteering at tours and open houses, calling prospective families to follow up after events, and welcoming new families to the school. They use their connections in the broader community to spread the word about MWS.

Festival Life: Teachers, parents and children work together in anticipation and celebration to express the unique character of our festivals, including Michaelmas, the Lantern Walk, The Halloween Walk, Winter Spiral, Winter Celebration and May Festival. To read more about our festivals, click here.

Grandparents Day: This annual celebration in November offer a fun morning for our children’s grandparents when they visit.

New to You! Resale Event: High quality baby and children’s clothing, toys, books, bikes, shoes, outerwear, maternity wear, cloth diapers…And so Much more! We need helpers on Friday to set up, Saturday and Sunday to sell, and Monday to clean up. This is one of our biggest fundraisers for our school.

Waldorf  Education Evening: Want to hear speakers on raising children in a world of technology, how to provide nutritious meals in a fast-food age, or other parent topics? Help us plan one or two events a year that we can share with the greater community.

Grounds: Join other Waldorf families in caring for our campus. Children are welcome to attend if supervised by an adult. Potluck breakfast kicks off a fun morning of cleaning up the campus.

To see all of our events and sign up to help, click here.
For questions or comments, contact enrollment@madisonwaldorf.org.

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